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ll▷ Jetzt die richtige Vorwahl für Duisburg finden ☎ Das Telefonbuch ✓ Ihre Nr. 1 für Telefonnummern und mehr. l➤ Welche Orte gehören zur Telefon-Vorwahl ? ✓ Jetzt mit Vorwahlen-​ schnell und einfach mehr zu herausfinden! Die Telefonvorwahl gehört in Deutschland zu Duisburg in Nordrhein-​Westfalen. Unbekannten Anruf mit Vorwahl erhalten? Telefonnummer prüfen. Details zur Telefonnummer Anruftyp: Seriösität: 60% von %. Folgende Städte in Deutschland nutzen die Vorwahl Duisburg. Alternative. Anschrift. Adresse: Hedwigstr. 5 · Duisburg; Telefon: - 9 29 ; Telefax: - 28 82 27; E-Mail: [email protected]

Telefon 0203

Trockenbau Duisburg GmbH - Münchener Straße a Duisburg Trockenbau Duisburg GmbH Brandschutz, Trocken- und Akustikbau Telefon: / Telefax. Anschrift. Adresse: Hedwigstr. 5 · Duisburg; Telefon: - 9 29 ; Telefax: - 28 82 27; E-Mail: [email protected] Zur Verbesserung unserer internen Abläufe und in Ihrem eigenen Interesse möchten wir Sie bitten, Ihre Mängelmeldung unverzüglich nach Feststellung.

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Was sollte man als Tourist in Duisburg unbedingt gesehen haben? Bitte beschreibe die Sehenswürdigkeit ein wenig. Dein Name. Woher kommst du?

Herzlichen Dank für deine Empfehlung! Sportpark Wedau u. Vorwahl Duisburg-Rheinhausen. Vorwahl Mülheim an der Ruhr.

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Closed line and returned call - number not recognised. It hung up shortly after not hearing me confirm 'Is that right? Said our internet was at risk.

I said we don't have a computer. He hung up. Very heavy SE Asian accent. T" added to blacklist of blocked calls andrea, Does any one know who this is because the amount of calls I get is really bugging me This phone number calls me repeatedly and when i check the voicemail it has supposedly left me there is just silence, no actual voicemail message..

Anybody know who this is? Have left the phone off the hook, have disconnected phone - another call this morning. Sky Secure Shield is not available in my area.

Suggestions please as to what to do. When answered silence. Wanted me to give them my bank details to set up the new amount I need pay. As they have my account details, and every month take what is needed by direct debit, why do they need details.

There is no problem when the amount goes up each year, so refused to give them details over the phone.

They know my address and I told them to send me all the information and I will go to my bank and get things sorted. I got another call at I take back my earlier comment about the man sounding Chinese - they're definitely Asian Indian or Pakistani.

This guy also claimed he was calling from BT Openreach and was trying to tell me there was a problem with my internet and he could fix it for me, and if I didn't let him fix it, I'd have more problems in a couple of days I should mention that his indigenous accent was SO thick that I could barely understand a word he was saying.

In response to his question, I told him I didn't know what colour light was flashing on my router box because it was in a different room.

I also told him that there was no problem with my internet - and nor had there been - and it was working perfectly. This still didn't stop him talking so I strung him along for about 3 minutes - just for the sheer hell of it - and then told him that, in the UK we are well aware of Asian call-centre "hot houses" who phone us and pretend to be someone they're not in order to extort money.

He finally hung up with, surprisingly, not another word! I deleted the voicemail so I forget the exact details This was left on my voicemail by a mean sounding female voice.

They told me to call and left a reference I called back the original number that called me and heard some music for a short time and then a professional sounding woman answered and said her name was "Jackie Gill" or something similar.

I then hung up and blocked the numbers. These people should be in jail. Bill collectors. They say they are overreach and try to get you to open your computer.

I don't know who this is that keeps calling, all day. I listened its people talking in the background. Are numbers for non-BT or cable customers? Is it or ?

The area code for London is just ; the following digits are all part of the eight-digit local number. Do I need to dial in London?

The area code is optional from landlines and calls within the London area can be made by dialling just the eight-digit local phone number.

Some people who have received several junk calls or scam attempts have come to view '' numbers as disreputable and to be avoided.

If you choose to block these numbers, you're effectively blocking a third of all London phone numbers and risk missing calls from people and businesses in London that you actually do want to hear from.

Remember, scam and nuisance calls can come from pretty much any phone number and what you see on your caller display screen can easily be faked, too.

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